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If you have questions, please contact the Purchasing Department.

See Central Warehouse, Surplus & Fixed Assets, Employee Travel, and Student Travel for additional training information. 

  1. How to Create a Purchase Order/Requisition in Skyward
  2. Placing eCommerce Orders in Skyward
  3. Online P-Card Training
  4. JSD Financial Accounting Manual - 06/20/2022
  5. How to Get Good Quotes
  6. Business Training Meeting - November 2019
    2019 updates on P-card policies and responsibilities; an introduction to Amazon Business; how contracts can make purchasing simpler; and a guide to getting quotes.
  7. Business Training Meeting - October 2020
    2020 updates to Surplus and Transfer procedures; purchasing apps and software with the Student Data Policy Agreement in mind; updates to Amazon Business; how to increase P-card limits; an intro to contracts; and how to enter requisitions.  
  8. Users Meeting - Fixed Assets Elementary Inventory Training - April 2022
    Answers to a few Surplus frequently asked questions, an introduction to why we do inventory, and a step-by-step walkthrough of the elementary (and departmental) inventory process.
  9. Users Meeting - Spring 2022
    2022 updates on freight and the freight damage process; updates on COVID-related lead times; requisition entry reminders; travel requests; Amazon blocks; and P-card reminders. 
  10. Business Training Meeting - Fall 2022
    Updates to the Purchasing website; reminders on Amazon and P-Card policy and FAQs; technology purchase updates and lead times; and an introduction to purchase orders. 
  11. Administrative Assistant Training - Fall 2023
    Technology updates and lead times; reminders of what to check when receiving packages; Requisition basics; reminders of P-card policy; Amazon tutorials on how to add teachers to school groups, how to add teachers to teacher groups, and how to look up orders. 
  12. Business & Auxiliary Services Training - Fall 2023
    An overview of contracts (District, Cooperative/EdPAC, and State) and how to use them; technology updates and lead times; reminders of what to check when receiving packages; reminders of P-card policy; and information on employee travel policy.
  13. Purchasing / T&L Meeting - February 2024
    A review of purchasing guidelines; best practices for quotes and Requisitions; contract resources; Central Warehouse policy; how to use Mountain State Schoolbook Depository; and R-33-5-108 Small Purchase of Professional Service Providers/Consultants.