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How To Get Good Quotes

Specifications – How To Get Good Quotes

63G-6a-407. Purpose of Specifications

(1) All specifications shall seek to promote the overall economy and best use for the purposes intended and encourage competition in satisfying the needs of the procurement unit (District), and may not be unduly restrictive.


“Specification” means any description of the physical or functional characteristics, or nature of a procurement item included in a . . . (solicitation), or otherwise specified or agreed to by a procurement unit, including a description of:

a) a requirement for inspecting or testing a procurement item; or
b) preparing a procurement item for delivery.


Things to consider:
a) Quantity of items
b) Quality of items
c) Intended use of items
d) Time frame of when item(s) is needed
e) Shipping costs
f)  Special requirements


Written Quotes: ($15,000 and above)
a) Must be provided by the vendor using a quote form or on company letterhead
b) Internet quotes will be scrutinized, try to talk to a sales representative
c) Description or brand name of items
d) Per unit costs
e) Total cost
f)  Shipping charges (estimates)
g) Person quoting
h) Date and how long the quote is good for
i)  Optional – Product literature, ETA after order placement, “educational pricing”