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District Contracts

Frequently Used District Contracts

Contract Name
Contract Number Link/Comments
Library Books and Services 16DS09 & JF18-01 Library Books and Services
HP & Canon OEM Ink, Toner, and Supplies 23TH04-5 OEM Ink, Toner and Supplies Vendor List

All Other District Contracts

Contract Name Contract # / Summary Expiration Date
95 Percent Group Intervention Program SS20BV23 (S) 03/31/2025
Asphalt Repair 21DB23-5 (S) 05/25/2026
Asphalt Sweeping 21DB20-5 (S) 05/21/2026
Assorted Foods 21RF07 (S) 08/25/2025
Athletic Uniforms & Apparel Discount Incentive - Bingham High School 21RF72 (S) 05/25/2024
Athletic Uniforms and Apparel Discount Incentive - Copper Hills High School
22RF08 (S) 09/28/2024
Athletic Uniforms & Apparel Discount Incentive - Herriman High School 21RF22 (S) 01/26/2024
Banking Services 19KP08P5 (S) 10/14/2024
Chiller Service Agreement 19DB04-5 (S) 04/23/2024
Credit Card Processing - Districtwide 21KP02P5 - (S) 01/26/2026
Elevator Maintenance & Repair Services 21DB19-5 (S) 05/25/2026
Emergency Welding Service Agreement - Districtwide 20DB23-5 (S) 03/20/2025
Exercise Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services 21DB18-5 (S) 05/25/2026
Financial Auditing Services 24KP04P5 (S) 01/23/2029
Fresh Baked Pizza - Nutrition Services 21RF24 (S) 11/24/2025
Internal Audit Services 21KP22P5 (S) 05/25/2026
K-6 Science Curriculum Program 20BV22P-5 (S) 03/31/2025
Kajeet Student Mobile Hot Spots 21TH02-5 (S) 10/27/2025
Lease Revenue Bond Counsel Services 20KP01P5 (S) 07/30/2024
Lexile Measure & Reading Assessment Tool 22BV003P3 (S) 09/28/2024
Mental Health Services 20BV10P-5 (S) 01/29/2025
Milestone xProtect Expert Base Server & Device Channel 2-year Support 24TH06 (S) 10/17/2026
Mobile Storage Units - Multiple Sites 3/01/2024
Network Switches & Wireless Access Point Upgrade - Information Systems AR3228 (S) 09/30/2024
Nursing Services - Districtwide 19BV20P-5 (S) 07/30/2024
OEM Ink, Toner and Supplies for HP & Canon  23TH04-5 (S) 01/24/2028
Online Writing & Evaluation Program - Grades 7-12 20BV27P-5 (S) 06/23/2025
Open Up Resources Math Curriculum SS20BV33 (S) 05/26/2025
Palo Alto Firewall for JATC South Data Center AR3229 (S) 09/30/2024
Palo Alto Network Firewall & Maintenance Renewal
AR3229 (S) 09/30/2024
Phonics Curriculum - Grades K-3 20BV28P-5 (S) 06/23/2025
Piano Tuning 23RF24-5 (S) 01/24/2028
Prime Distributor - Assorted Foods 21RF08 (S) 08/25/2025
Processing of Commodity - Chicken 23RF02 (S) 08/23/2027
Processing of Commodity - Chicken Legs 23RF03 (S) 08/23/2027
Processing of Commodity - Pork 23RF04 (S) 08/23/2027
Processing of Commodity - Beef 23RF05 (S) 08/23/2027
Processing of Commodity - Potatoes 19RF53 S 07/30/2024
Processing of Commodity - Mozzarella Cheese 23RF07 (S) 08/23/2027
Professional Legal Services - Board 21KP04P5 (S) 04/27/2026
Professional Legal Services - Administration 21KP21P5 (S) 04/27/2026
Radio Over Internet Protocol - Transportation 20BV34P5 (S) 06/23/2025
Relocation of Portable Classrooms 23DB20-5 (S) 02/28/2028
Saw Dust Collection Services Agreement 20DB22-5 (S) 02/10/2025
Smallwares & Kitchen Supplies-Nutrition Services 24LC05-5 (S) 09/26/2028
Snow Removal 22DB07-5 (S) 09/28/2026
Sump Testing & Waste Removal 20DB19-5 (S) 11/11/2024
Think Central - Teaching & Learning SS21BV003 (S) 07/28/2025
Uniforms-Nutrition Services 23RF50P5 (S) 05/23/2028
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Based Dispatch System 21BV004P-5 (S) 08/25/2025
Voluntary Group Dental Provider 19KP19P5 (S) 04/23/2024
Waste and Recycling Collection Services - Districtwide 21RF51 (S) 04/27/2026
Weed Control & Fertilizer 21DB12-5 (S) 02/23/2026