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Emergency Procurement

According to the JSD Policy Manual BP178 - Purchasing Provisions, the Director or designee may authorize an emergency procurement without using a standard procurement process when an emergency condition exists. When the Director authorizes an emergency procurement, he/she shall:

  1. Ensure that the procurement is made with as much competition as reasonably practicable while avoiding harm, or a risk of harm, to the public health, safety, welfare, or property; or protecting the legal interests of the District.
  2. After the emergency has abated, prepare a written document explaining the emergency condition that necessitated the emergency procurement. UPC 63G-6a-803.
      • Reason for Emergency Procurement:
      • Administrator who approved Emergency Procurement:
      • Contracts associated with Emergency Procurement:
Emergency Procurement Event Date
Welby Elementary Emergency Purchase - Sewer Repair February 23, 2023