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Pick-up Schedule

Surplus is a process of redistribution or disposal for items that are no longer used or don't work anymore.  By policy, District property must be surplused.  It may not be discarded, destroyed, or given away.

If your school wants to be included in a pick-up, surplus paperwork for every item must be completed and received beforehand (see the Fixed Asset & Surplus Warehouse/Forms tab). Paperwork must be entirely filled out, including serial numbers, tag numbers, and condition codes. Surplus books have their own unique forms.

All surplus paperwork must be signed by your Principal and Area Administrator.  Once approved, the administrator will send it to Surplus/Fixed Assets. Receipt of paperwork lets us know a surplus pick-up is needed at your location.  Your paperwork will be referenced to properly remove items from your inventory list once they have been picked up, so please fill it out with care.

There are no set dates or times for pick-ups. The next pick-up for your school will be determined by the amount of surplus paperwork received for your school and space in the warehouse for storage.

If you have any questions, please call Surplus or Fixed Assets:
Surplus - (801) 567-8709
Fixed Assets - (801) 567-8717
Fixed Assets - (801) 567-8719