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Surplus Pick-up Schedule

For questions, please contact the Surplus Warehouse (801-567-8709) or Fixed Assets (801-567-8719 or 801-567-8717).

Surplus is a process of redistribution or disposal for obsolete or broken items. By policy, District property must be surplused. It may not be otherwise discarded, destroyed, or given away.

If your school wants to be included in a pick-up, paperwork must be completed and received by Surplus in advance (see the "Surplus Item Declaration Form"). There are no set dates or times for pick-ups. The next pick-up for your school will be determined by timely receipt of paperwork, the amount of surplus at your school, and available space in the warehouse for storage.

All surplus paperwork must be signed by your Principal and Area Administrator. Please fill out your forms with care so Fixed Assets can properly update your inventory: include serial numbers, tag numbers, and condition codes. Surplus textbooks and library books each have unique forms (see the "Surplus Textbook Form" and "Discarded Library Media Books & Materials Form").

Plan ahead and regularly submit paperwork as your surplus items accumulate. Please do not wait until the last second (such as right before a renovation, the end or beginning of the school year, or seasonal breaks). Last-second requests make it difficult for us to properly pick up, store, deliver, and sell items, which can delay surplus pick-ups for other locations. Thank you!