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Employee Overnight Travel

If you have any questions, please contact the Travel Buyer at 801-567-8711. 

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Employee Travel Coordination.  As per District Policy D208, employee travel shall be coordinated through the respective District administrator, department/school secretary, and the District travel buyer to ensure uniformity and compliance with established procedural guidelines.

Employee Travel Request.  Requests for employee travel shall originate between the traveler and his/her respective school/administrative supervisor using the "Work Order/Travel Request" on Skyward (complete section 1).  The "Travel Request" must be completed in full and have an attached PDF of all supporting documentation (including conference location, dates, schedule, and registration information) prior to submitting the request for administrative approval.  This portion of the form must be completed and submitted no later than 45 days prior to the conference date. Employees retiring, leaving the District, or with a change in assignment that have already made travel plans should cancel conference plans or modify the plans to enable others to attend in their place.  District-paid travel should not be scheduled for employees that are retiring or terminating their employment with the District.

Employee Travel Preparation Flow Chart.  This flow chart illustrates the process by which all employee travel requests are planned and approved.


Expenses Prepaid by Jordan School District
(Travel Buyer completes section 2 of the "Travel Request" on Skyward)
    • Airfare.  All air travel arrangements will be made by the District Travel Buyer or Business Administrator.  Airfare will not be ticketed until the "Work Order/Travel Request" has been completed on Skyward and has received all levels of approval.
    • Lodging.  Lodging will either be at the conference site or in a reasonably priced hotel within walking distance of the conference.  A reasonably priced hotel is considered the average cost of hotels within the vicinity of the conference.
Estimated Post-Conference Expenses
    • Per Diem.  The employee will be provided a daily per diem upon return from the conference at an amount consistent with the District rate of $53.00 daily rate and $35.00 travel day rate.  As needed, current rates will be updated in the Jordan School District Accounting Manual and on Skyward.
    • Other Post-Conference Reimbursable Expenses.  Contingent on budget director/coordinator pre-approval, other expenses may be reimbursed to the employee after the conference.  These may include, but are not limited to, automobile rental and parking, other ground transportation, local airport parking, and baggage fees.  These expenses must be estimated by the District Travel Buyer, pre-approved by the budget director/coordinator, and submitted with original receipts in order to qualify for post-conference reimbursement.
Actual Post-Conference Costs
    • Completion and Submission of the Post-Conference Costs.  Within five working days after returning from the conference, the employee, along with his/her respective budget director/coordinator, shall finish the actual post-conference cost section of the "Travel Request" on Skyward (complete section 3).
    • Submitting for Reimbursement of Post-Conference Expenses.  A printed copy of the completed Travel Request Report along with all original receipts must be submitted to Accounting for reimbursement on an NPO.  Employee reimbursement typically takes 7 - 14 days and will be electronically deposited into the traveler's bank account.
    • P-Cards are not to be used for local or national travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers are encouraged to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions regarding employee travel, planning, costs, per diem, and accommodations (see following).

  1. Q:   What documentation is needed to begin the travel process?
    A:    Complete Section 1 of the Skyward "Work Order/Travel Request."  Attach a PDF to Skyward of all supporting documentation including conference location, dates, schedule, and registration information.
  2. Q:   Why should I submit travel requests at least 45 days prior to the conference I want to attend?
    A:    This allows Jordan School District (JSD) the opportunity to find the least expensive accommodations and to complete the required approval process.
  3. Q:   If the conference is being funded using grant money, are the travel guidelines and procedures the same?
    A:    Yes.  It is the practice of JSD to show diligence in saving money whether funds come from a budget or grant.  The law does not recognize the difference between grant and non-grant money in terms of procurement requirements.
  4. Q:   What if I am able to find lower hotel and airfare rates than the District Travel Buyer?
    A.    There may be online travel sites where this is possible.  However, if your flight is canceled or delayed, or if the hotel cannot find your reservation number, the airlines and hotels are generally under no obligation to assist you.  If you are aware of lower prices, please inform the Travel Buyer and efforts will be made to confirm those same prices.
  5. Q:   Why am I not able to make my own travel arrangements?
    A:    Employees are not authorized to make their own travel arrangements.  Travel arrangements that are made by the Travel Buyer will assure the District that all policies, procedures, and guidelines are being followed and that savings to the District are being monitored for every trip.
  6. Q:   Why would a different hotel be used other than the conference hotel?
    A:    There may be circumstances that prove to be more cost-effective to the District.  If this is the case, efforts will be made to find comparable accommodations.
  7. Q:   Why do I have to wait to be reimbursed until after I return home from my conference?
    A:    On occasion, the anticipated costs do not reflect the actual costs that you may incur.  There may also be a component of the trip that cannot be prepaid prior to the conference.
  8. Q:   Why do I have to submit the original receipt(s)?  How quickly should my receipts be submitted to Accounting?
    A:    To avoid a duplicate reimbursement, Accounting requires original receipts.  Submittal of receipts and a Skyward "Work Order/Travel Request" showing total post-conference expenses should be received by Accounting within five (5) business days from your conference return date.
  9. Q:   How long will it take to receive a reimbursement check after the final submittal of my conference costs?
    A:    Employee reimbursements typically take 7 - 14 days and will be electronically deposited into the employee's bank account.
  10. Q:   Am I required to share a room?
    A:    No.
  11. Q:   When my conference concludes, am I expected to return on the same day?
    A:    At the conclusion of the conference, and based on reasonable flight time and availability, you will be expected to take a flight home later that afternoon or evening to guarantee District savings.
  12. Q:   Must I agree to take a connecting flight to the conference?
    A:    Yes.  If there is a reasonable fare/schedule that offers significant savings to the District, that ticket will be purchased.
  13. Q:    May I pay the difference if I prefer another flight option?
    A:    Yes.  The Travel Buyer will purchase the flight and the traveler will write a personal check payable to Jordan School District for the difference.  The payment must be submitted to the Purchasing Department prior to the departure date.
  14. Q:   May I specify a preferred carrier?
    A:    Yes.  However, savings to the District are the first priority.
  15. Q:   Are baggage fees covered as a conference expense?
    A:    Yes.  JSD will reimburse up to one checked bag each way.  You will need to submit the original receipts to Accounting as part of your post-conference reimbursements.
  16. Q:   Am I earning work compensation time, overtime, or trade time while traveling to, from, and during a conference?
    A:    No.
  17. Q:   Do these same JSD policies, procedures, and guidelines apply to in-state travel?
    A:    Yes.
  18. Q:   If I am attending a local conference, do I follow the same travel guidelines and procedures?
    A:    These procedures are intended for travel that involves lodging and/or airfare.  If the local conference does not include lodging or airfare, simply use an NPO to pay the registration and mileage reimbursement.  There is no per diem for local conferences when there is no overnight stay.
  19. Q:   Does this procedure replace the administrative stipend for local travel?
    A:    No.  The administrative stipend is pre-approved and requires the traveler to make their own arrangements.
  20. Q:   Am I expected to carpool with other staff members if attending the same conference and traveling on the same dates?
    A:    Yes.  This is cost-effective for the District when reimbursing mileage.
  21. Q:   What is per diem?
    A:    Per diem is a payment in lieu of meals, tips, taxes, and incidentals.  The current District rate is a $53.00 daily rate and a $35.00 travel daily rate.  The per diem rate will be updated in the Jordan School District Accounting Manual as needed.  Jordan School District will no longer reduce per diem for meals provided by the conference or hotel.
  22. Q:   Do I have to submit receipts for per diem?
    A:    No.
  23. Q:   If I choose to deviate from conference travel dates, am I required to use vacation or personal time?
    A:    Yes.
  24. Q:   May I bring guest(s) with me to a conference?
    A:    Yes, at your expense.
  25. Q:   May I use my personal credit card to pay for my conference travel arrangements and have the District reimburse me?
    A:    No.  Conference travel accommodations are purchased and coordinated by the District Travel Buyer.