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S.B. 97 Boycott Restrictions

In accordance with Utah Code 63G-27 (S.B. 97) Public Contract Boycott Restrictions, vendors contracting with the Jordan School District to provide any good or service, including supplies, information technology, or construction services, must certify they are not currently engaged in an “economic boycott” nor a “boycott of the State of Israel” as those terms are defined in that Code section. Vendors must also agree not to engage in either boycott for the duration of the contract (if awarded). For example, a vendor may not, without an ordinary business purpose, boycott: the State of Israel; companies engaged in activities related to traditional energy, mining, or agriculture; companies engaged in the manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of firearms; companies that do not meet environmental standards beyond applicable state and federal laws; or companies that do not facilitate access to abortion or sex characteristic surgeries. If a vendor does engage in such a boycott, it must immediately notify the public entity party to the contract in writing.