A brief summary of the policy district personnel must adhere to as they make purchases. For a more detailed description of district procurement policy, please contact the Purchasing Department.
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JSD Purchasing
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Contains a complete list of commodities and the contract information for each of those commodities. Also contains complete vendor information needed to generate a purchase order.
Contains a list of bids currently available to interested vendors in PDF, which requires Adobe Reader.
Notice of Vendor Registration:
In order to serve you better, we are now requiring you to register in order to view bid documents. This will enable us to automatically send you notice of bids we have released, as well as addendas.
Contains a complete list of bids that have been awarded since the last meeting of the Board of Education. They will remain on this listing for a long enough time to allow interested individuals time to view them. They are in PDF format and Acrobat Reader is required to view them.
Contains a photograph of the staff and responsibilites of each. You can find who handles the item you wish to purchase or if you are a vendor you can identify the buyer you need to speak with.
A link to the web page of the Jordan School District Central Warehouse. You can get more specific information regarding the operation of the warehouse.

Furniture and equipment that is declared surplus is posted on a website called publicsurplus.com for schools of JSD an opportunity to claim any item they need. When you see something your school needs, call Kris Wishart at (801) 567-8709 to gain further information to have them transferred to your school. As soon as items have been available for at least seven days they are automatically put on auction on the publicsurplus.com website. http://www.publicsurplus.com where anyone can bid. Items still at the school after the auction will be picked up by Baileys to clear them off of the inventory at a later date.

By district policy, books are handled differently. Surplus books are not available through the auction. If a school has specific needs, please contact Margaret Sall, 567-8708.

Advisor Checklist for Student Travel (Excel)
Advisor Checklist for Student Travel (PDF)
Conference Travel Expense (Excel)
Conference Travel Expense (PDF)
Flight Reservation Form (PDF)
Flight Reservation Form (Word)
Group Travel Quote Form (Excel)
Group Travel Quote Form (PDF)
Student Overnight Preliminary Travel Proposal (Word)
Student Overnight Final Travel Request (Word)
Travel Guidelines for Secretaries (PDF)
Travel Profile Form (PDF)
Travel Profile Form (Excel)

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A link to the web page of the Jordan School District Fixed Assets Department. Click to get more information about Fixed Assets, Department personnel, or to access forms.