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Fixed Asset Guidelines - 2020

FAQs for Fixed Assets

  1. Q)   What needs to be tagged?
    A)  The most common items we tag are technology, audio/visual, custodial, kitchen, vocational, or copy room equipment. See the Fixed Asset Guidelines above for a detailed list of items we consider fixed assets.
  2. Q)    How do I get new assets tagged? What if a tag isn't legible anymore or has been removed?
    A)    ) If you receive an item that qualifies as a fixed asset (see Guidelines) or have an item that needs a replacement tag, please let us know and we will arrange to come tag it for you. If you’re at a secondary school, please contact your school’s Fixed Assets Aide.
  3. Q)   Do we tag items that are donated or purchased with legislative, school, or grant money?
    A)   Yes, anything that is donated or purchased with legislative, school, or grant money, is considered District property. If it is considered a fixed asset (see Guidelines), it will need an asset tag..
  4. Q)   How often do we have to do inventory?
    A)   Inventory should be completed annually. Regularly completing inventory helps you know exactly what you have where and what you may need, while also catching any errors (such as transfers without paperwork or items that were surplused). If you need help determining the best process to tackle inventory at your school or department, contact Fixed Assets and we can help you make a plan.
  5. Q)   Can I run my own school's inventory report on Skyward?
    A)   Yes, just call Fixed Assets and we will walk you through the process. Fixed Assets can also generate a more detailed inventory report for you on request, with additional helpful fields such as who an item is assigned to.
  6. Q)   What are the Equipment Transfer or Surplus Item Declaration forms?
    A)  These forms help the Fixed Assets Department accurately track District property and changes to inventory. When you fill out a Surplus form, you are declaring that an item is obsolete or broken and needs to be removed from your school's inventory list. When you fill out a Transfer form, you are alerting us to a change in item location, and the item will be removed from your school’s inventory and added to their new school’s inventory.
  7. Q)   Who do I send completed Transfer or Surplus paperwork to?
    A)  First make a copy for your files. Send SURPLUS paperwork to your Area Administrator for their signature. After they sign it, they will send it to us.
    Send TRANSFER paperwork directly to Fixed Assets.
  8. Q)  If it doesn't have a tag, can't we just throw it away?
    A)  No. ALL District equipment, furniture, and books that are no longer needed must be listed on surplus paperwork.
  9. Q)  If a teacher/administrator is transferring to another location and wants to take equipment with them, what do we need to do?
    A)  Teachers must have approval from the principal where they are presently assigned and the principal at the new school they are going to. Transfer paperwork must be filled out prior to leaving and should include the teacher name and who is delivering the equipment. PLEASE NOTE: Teacher 21st Century iPads must remain at the school that the teacher is leaving.
    Administrators need approval from the Administrator of Schools. Transfer paperwork must be completed prior to leaving their current location and should include the administrator's name and who is delivering the equipment
  10.  Q)  Can I trad in our old asset for a new one?
    A)  Yes, but all items purchased still need to meet the purchasing guidelines and approval of the buyer of that commodity. If a vendor offers a trade in value, it needs to be in writing and noted on the purchase order. The trade-in should be subtracted from the price of the new item, with the surplused item’s fixed asset number and description listed on the PO. Schools should fill out and sign a Surplus Declaration form and make a note on the form that it is a trade-in. Fixed Assets must be notified once the new item arrives so we can put a new asset number on it.

FAQs? for Surplus
Surplus Handling Guidelines - 2020

  1. Q)   How long does it take for our surplus to be picked up?
    A)  Once surplus paperwork is submitted for signatures from your Principal and Area Administrator, it will be sent to Fixed Assets. From there it will take about 2–4 weeks to be processed by Fixed Assets. A pick-up will be scheduled when we receive enough paperwork to do so and have adequate warehouse space for storage. Please do not wait until the end of the school year or just before winter break to send all your paperwork in. This makes it difficult for us to get items through the auction process properly and makes it difficult to allocate warehouse space for other items, which can delay surplus pickups for other locations.
  2. Q)   Where is the Surplus Warehouse?
    A)  The Surplus Warehouse is part of the Auxiliary Services Building. We are on the northeast side of the building, accessible by the alley between the ASB and Master Muffler. A large sign says “Surplus Sales” next to the warehouse’s set of double doors. Please ring the doorbell for assistance.
  3. Q)  What is available in the Surplus Warehouse for JSD Employees?
    A)  Availability of furniture and equipment changes regularly. If you need something specific, please call the Surplus Warehouse and we can check availability for you. If you want to see available items for yourself, you can visit the warehouse Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  4. Q)  How can I buy surplus items for personal use?
    A)  Surplus items are sold through the online auction site Anyone can create an account on that website to bid on surplus items. JSD auctions run for one (1) week, usually Thursday to Thursday ending at 1:30 p.m.
  5. Q)  What if our school wants something that is on auction?
    A)  You can call the Surplus Warehouse and request a transfer, and we will pull the item off the auction for your school. Requests must be made before the auction closes—once closed, it has already been sold to the highest bidder.