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District Contracts


16DS09 & JF18-01 Library Books and Services Library Books and Services
16DS17-3 Plastic Binding Combs Binding Prices
18DC02 Toner and Ink Supplies Toner & Ink Vendor List


7th/8th Grade Math - Primary Source Materials 16DS16P5 8/30/2021 16DS16P5 S 
AAF Secondary Math Primary Source Materials 14DS16P5 7/22/2019 14DS16P5 S
Academic Achievement Test 15DS16P5 2/23/2021 15DS16P-5 S
Actuarial Services 14KP14P5 2/25/2019 14KP14P5 S
AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Statistics 16DS13P5 5/24/2021 16DS13P-5 AP
Apparel Sponsorship Agreement - Bingham High School 16KP20P5 3/17/2021 16KP20P5 S
Asphalt Repair 16DB18-5 7/26/2021 16DB18-5 S
Asphalt Sweeping 16DB22-5 6/17/2021 16DB22-5 S
Assorted Foods 15RF99 7/28/2020 15RF99 S
Financial Auditing Services 18KP20P5 7/31/2023 18KP20P5 S
Banking Services 14KP13P-5 1/6/2019 14KP13P-5 S
Beverage Provider-Copper Hills High School 18RF52 8/28/2023 18RF52 S
Beverage Provider-Copper Mountain Middle School 14VP03P5 8/21/2018 14VP03P5 S
Beverage Provider-Elk Ridge Middle School 07VP03P5 3/25/2018 07VP13P5 S
Beverage Provider- Joel P. Jensen Middle School 18RF65 7/31/2023 18RF65 S
Beverage Provider- JATC 19VP10P7 4/5/2019 19VP10P7 S
Beverage Provider-South Hills Middle School 04VP13P5 11/29/2017 04VP13P5 S
Beverage Provider-Valley High School 06VP13P5 3/12/2018 06VP13P5 S
Beverage Provider-West Jordan Middle School 13VP12P5 8/28/2017 13VP12P5 S
Binding Combs 16DS17-3 6/20/2019 16DS17-3
Bond Counsel Services 14KP06P5 11/12/2018 14KP06P5 S
Book Rebinding Services 15DS19-3 5/28/2018 15DS19-3 S
Credit Card Acceptance Services 06RF12P 3/27/2017 06RF12P S
Curriculum Mapping Assessment & Reporting System 14DC06P5 2/25/2019 14DC06P5 S
Electrical Supplies 15DB14-5 4/8/2020 15DB14-5 S
Elementary Language Arts Primary Source Materials 14DS07 3/25/2019 14DS07-5 S
Elevator Maintenance 16DB16-5 7/14/2021 16DB16-5 S
Exercise Equipment Maintenance 15DB12-5 2/8/2021 16DB12-5 S
Financial Advisory Bond Election Services 16KP04P5 11/24/2020 16KP04P5 S
Whole Grain Bean and Burritos-Nutrition Services 18RF67
GPS Vehicle Tracking System 09RF12P5 6/12/2017 09RF12P5 S
Ice Cream 16RF17 9/22/2020 16RF17 S
Individually Wrapped Crackers 14DC17-3 7/22/2017
Installation of Overhead Projectors 16DB10-3 2/23/2019 16DB10-3 S
Internal Audit Services 15KP20P5 7/28/2020 15KP20P5 S
Lenel Pro Susp Plan 16DC07-3 6/8/2019 16DC07-3 S
Lightspeed Web Content Filter and Support 19TH03 10/16/2021 19TH03 S
Math Materials & Supplies Discounts 15DS07-5 9/18/2019 15DS07-5 S
Medical Group Insurance Programs 14KP08P5 11/12/2018 14KP08P5 S
Mobile Storage Unites - Multiple Sites 16DB13-3 3/17/2019 16DB13-3 S
Nursing Services - Special Education 16DS18-3 7/26/2019 16DS18-3 S
Pizza-Nutrition Services 14LB03P3 2/25/2017 14LB03P3 S
Playground Equipment-District Wide 16DC02P5 10/27/2020 16DC02P5 S
Prime Distributor - Assorted Foods 15RF101 7/28/2020 15RF101 S
Printer Repair & Parts 14DC14-5 10/28/2019 14DC14-5 S
Processing of Commodity - Chicken 15RF62-5 4/28/2020 15RF62 S
Processing of Commodity - Chicken Legs 15RF64-5 4/28/2020 15RF64 S
Processing of Commodity - Pork 15RF65-5 4/28/2020 15RF65 S
Processing of Commodity - Beef 15RF66-5 4/28/2020 15RF66 S
Processing of Commodity - Turkey 15RF67-5 4/28/2020 15RF67 S
Processing of Commodity - Potatoes 15RF69-5 4/28/2020 15RF69 S
Processing of Commodity - Cheese 15RF70-5 4/28/2020 15RF70 S
Professional Legal Services - Board 15KP02P5 11/25/2019 15KP02P5 S
Professional Legal Services - District Wide 15KP11P5 8/25/2020 15KP11P5 S
Refinish and Repair Hardwood Floors-Custodial Services 14LB05-5 3/25/2019 14LB05-5 S
Relocation of Portable Classrooms 18DB07-5 2/19/2023 18DB07-5 S
School Educational Climate Evaluation & Reporting System 14DS10P5 1/28/2019 14DS10P5 S
Secondary Math Supplemental Source Materials 14DS17-5 7/22/2019 14DS17P5 S
Secondary Mathematics Textbooks 04KP13P 1/22/2018 04KP13P S
Service Agreement for Chillers 11DK125 3/21/2017 11DK125 S
Smallwares & Kitchen Supplies-Nutrition Services 18RF63-5 7/31/2023 18RF63 S
Snack Food Vending-Bingham High School 09VP12P5 3/27/2017 09VP12P5 S
Snack Food Vending-Copper Hills High School 11VP13P5 4/23/2018 11VP13P5 S
Snack Food Vending-Copper Mountain Middle School 14VP04P5 8/12/2018 14VP04P-5 S
Snow Removal 17DB02-5 9/29/2021 17DB02-5 S
Sump Testing & Waste Removal 15DB06-5 10/28/2019 15DB06-5 S
Server & Endpoint Protection Software 18DC03-3 2/27/2021 18DC03-3 S
Uniforms-Nutrition Services 18RF50 4/26/2023 18RF50 S
Voice Over IP 16DC01P5 12/8/2020 16DC01P5 S
Waste Collection-District Wide 14LB01P5 2/10/2019 14LB01P5 S
Weed Control & Fertilizer 16DB11-5 2/23/2021 16DB11-5 S