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Fixed Asset Guidelines

FAQs for Fixed Assets

  1. Q)   Can I trade in our old asset item for a new one?
    A)   All items purchased still need to meet the purchasing guidelines and approval of the buyer of that commodity.  If a vendor offers a trade in value, it needs to be in writing and noted on the purchase order, subtracted from the price of the new item with the surplussed item description and the fixed asset number listed on it.  The school needs to fill out the Equipment Transfer or Surplus Declaration form to surplus the item and mark the box that states "trade in".  After the paperwork is done, please make sure you have all the signatures on the form and send it to the Purchasing Department to be recorded.  Fixed Assets needs to be notified when the new item has arrived so they can come and put a new asset number on it.
  2. Q)    What is an Equipment Transfer or Surplus Declaration Form?
    A)    This is a form that helps the Fixed Asset Department keep track of all items on their inventory list.  When you fill out this form, you are declaring that a surplussed item needs to be cleared off of that school's inventory list and they no longer need this item.
  3. Q)   Who do I send completed Equipment Transfer or Surplus Declaration paperwork to?
    A)   First make a copy for your files, then send SURPLUS paperwork to your Administrator of Schools for their signature.  After they sign it, they will send it to us.  Please send TRANSFER paperwork directly to Fixed Assets.
  4. Q)   If it doesn't have a tag, can't we just throw it away?
    A)   NO -  ALL equipment must be listed on surplus paperwork.
  5. Q)   If a teacher/administrator is transferring to another location and wants to take equipment with them, what do we need to do?
    A)   Teachers must have approval from the principal where they are presently assigned and the principal at the new school they are going to. All transfer paperwork needs to be filled out prior to them leaving AND should include teacher name and whether the equipment is being hand carried or needs to be picked up by the district.  PLEASE NOTE- TEACHER 21ST CENTURY iPADS ARE TO REMAIN AT THE SCHOOL THAT THE TEACHER IS LEAVING!  Administrators need permission from the Administrator of Schools.  Transfer paperwork is to be completed prior to leaving school and should include administrators name.
  6. Q)   Do we tag items purchased with legislative, school, grant money or P card?
    A)   Yes, if it is an item we would normally asset.  (Please let Fixed Assets know if you have purchased any items from these accounts so we can asset them for you.)
  7. Q)   Is it possible to run my school's inventory report now we are on the web?
    A)   Yes, just call Fixed Assets and Corie Fuller (801-567-8717) or Karen Barnes (801-567-8719) will be glad to walk you through the process.


  1. Q)   What if our school want's something that is on auction?
    A)   You can call Kris Wishart in Purchasing at (801) 567-8709 and she can pull it off the auction for your school  -  it has to be before the auction closes - once the auction closes it is sold to the highest bidder.
  2. Q)   How can I buy surplus items?
    A)   Surplus items are sold through  Anyone can log on to that website and create an account and bid on surplus items.  It is an auction and usually runs Tuesday to Tuesday and closes at 1:30 p.m.
  3. Q)  Why do you need pictures for my surplus?
    A)  We use the pictures on to show the condition of each item.  Good pictures help sell the surplus item and in turn get it out of your school more quickly.  Remember we only need pictures of items coded A, B or E.  High Schools and Middle Schools please send pictures of broken equipment, such as wood shop equipment, art equipment and supplies, and anything of that nature.  All pictures should be emailed or sent on a flash drive or CD to Kris Wishart in Purchasing.  NO pictures are needed for computers or computer related equipment; i.e., printers, mice, keyboards, scanners, etc.  Please see the Surplus Handling Process for details.
  4. Q)  What do we do with the Auction Log, that is faxed over to our school?A)  The auction log is to help your school know who is coming to pick up the items that were sold on auction.  When the bidder comes to your school, check their receipt for the items only at your school and have them initial the Auction Log to show that they picked their items up.  Fax the initialed Auction Log back to Kris Wishart in Purchasing at (801) 567-8700 by the date on the bottom of the Auction Log.
  5. Q)  How long does it take for our surplus to be picked up?
    A)  Once the paperwork is submitted for signatures by your principal and district administrator it will come to Fixed Assets.  From there it will take about 2-3 weeks to run through the auction process.  We then will schedule a pick up once a quarter if we receive enough paperwork to do so.  Please do not wait till the end of the school year or just before the winter break to send all your paperwork in.  This makes it difficult for us to get it through the auction process properly.