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What’s Available?

Surplus is an item that is no longer used or doesn't work any more.  In order for it to be taken off your inventory, a Surplus Item Declaration/Transfer form needs to be filled out and completed with the principal's signature and the signature of the Executive Director.  Send the completed form through district mail to Angie Farnworth or Teresa Lyon in Fixed Assets.  They will then give the information the Surplus Warehouse come to pick it up.

Furniture and equipment that are declared surplus are posted on a website called Public for Jordan School District schools to have an opportunity to claim any item needed.  When you see something your school needs, call Steve Oldham at (801) 567-8709 to obtain further information and to have the item transferred to your school.  As soon as items have been available for a minimum of seven days, they are automatically put onto the auction on the Public website ( where anyone can bid.

By district policy, Surplus books are handled differently. The forms for Surplus Textbooks and Library Media Books and Materials are located under forms on the Fixed Assets tab.  Surplus books are not available through the auction. If a school has specific needs, please contact Steve Oldham in the Surplus Warehouse at (801) 567- 8709.